Nereide is a non-profit association created for the development of conservation, environmental education and sustainability projects.

Founded in Tarifa at the end of 2018 thanks to the union of a group of people with a common ideology and values and its objective is to foster a closer relationship between people, the natural environment and animals, promoting sustainable practices for the care of nature.

We carry out environmental education, circular economy and research projects and organize creative and sustainable events in which we seek the participation of the local community.

We conduct educational workshops on marine pollution and respect for animals in schools and institutes and organize art exhibitions to raise awareness about marine pollution. In addition, we encourage and support venues and restaurants to eliminate single-use plastic from their businesses.

Our line of research focuses on the conservation of marine fauna, especially cetaceans. We manage scientific research projects in collaboration with universities, such as cetacean monitoring from opportunistic platforms and from land. We participate in national and international congresses such as the Spanish Cetacean Society (SEC), European Cetacean Society (ECS) or World Marine Mammal Conference (WMMC).


© Juanjo Quintero
© Akris Photography | Cristina Otero Sabio

Nereide is based in Tarifa, a coastal town located at the southernmost point of continental Europe, in the province of Cadiz, Andalusia.

Tarifa is located in the Strait of Gibraltar, a unique enclave where the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean meet, and is also the point of separation of two continents: Africa and Europe.

It is home to a great biodiversity, including 7 species of cetaceans and numerous birds that cross it every year during their migrations to and from Africa.


Making our planet a better place for all living beings that inhabit it is a current duty of our society.

Only through education, science and communication can we create awareness and thus strengthen the link between people and the natural environment, which we have been losing over the centuries.

The team

Discover the team behind Nereide association and the people who collaborate with us.


President and coordinator of projects and events

Cristina Otero Sabio

Secretary, communications, web design and research

Mateo León

Treasurer and strategy consultant

Sara Lacalle Moreno

Environmental education

Paola Fabricios

NPMF Project Manager

Alessia Scuderi

Research and ferris project manager

Ana Gámez

Research, environmental education

Nerea Tiberti

Our little activist

María León

Communication strategies, stranded wildlife project

David Lepez

Always there to lend a helping hand!


Beach cleanups, fundraising

Roberto Almendral

Web design and development

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