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What is the Aleta a la vista project?

Aleta a la Vista is a citizen science project whose objective is to establish a collaboration with the fishing and nautical-recreational sector to increase the sources of data on cetaceans throughout the year in the Strait of Gibraltar.

Why is data on cetaceans important?

Cetaceans are at the top of the food chain in marine ecosystems, and play a very important role in the balance and health of these ecosystems. Seeing them in the wild enjoying their natural habitat is also the main objective of many tourists who visit Andalusia, and therefore represents a very important source of income in our community, helping to move and stimulate the local economy.

© Akris Photography | Cristina Otero Sabio

Who can participate and how?

Any vessel sailing in the Strait of Gibraltar can collaborate. To get involved in “Aleta a la vista”, all that is needed is a photo or video of the individuals sighted at sea to identify the species and the coordinates of each of the encounters as a complement to the photographic material.

With these data it would be possible to gather information on their movements and distribution, and in some cases on their health if any individuals are found in poor physical condition or with visible marks or scars.

Your photos can help science!


Take a photo or video with your mobile phone of the individual/group you find.


Write down the coordinates when you are within 100 metres of the animal/group, they are essential!


Send us your photos/videos together with the coordinates to the number +34 660908580