Stranded wildlife campaign

Campaign to monitor stranded wildlife

On 31 August 2022, the bulk carrier OS35 semi-sank off the east coast of the Rock of Gibraltar. The Gibraltar port authorities have installed barriers to contain the spill, although aerial photographs have provided information on the leaks. The company Resolve Marine Services has carried out numerous tank emptying and cleaning measures. Despite these actions, there has been a spill of fuel oil and diesel into the sea. Lubricating oil and hydraulic fluid leaks have also been detected. The OS35 contained 215 tonnes of heavy fuel oil, 250 tonnes of gas oil and 27 tonnes of lubricating oil.


Monitoring of animals affected by the spill through coastal itineraries in search of individuals on the shore in order to know and quantify their impact on the local marine fauna.


This proposal sets out a standard and simple methodology. It is a citizen science project, and to carry it out, the Nereide association has a network of volunteers who carry out the established itineraries on a weekly basis. Anyone in the area can participate and join in through our communication channels.

Duration: September – October 2022.

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Project leaders: María León Castro and Cristina Otero Sabio.