Our research projects are mainly focused on monitoring the different cetacean populations that inhabit the Strait of Gibraltar, and the threats they face, such as maritime traffic or marine pollution. The Nereide association develops projects in collaboration with universities and other national and international organisations and also coordinates citizen science projects to monitor local fauna.

Ferries project

A project to monitor cetaceans from ferries aims to improve scientific knowledge about the distribution of cetaceans in the Strait of Gibraltar and the impact of maritime traffic...

¡Aleta a la vista!

A project whose objective is to establish a collaboration with the fishing and nautical-recreational sector to collect data on cetaceans throughout the year in the Strait of Gibraltar...

Stranded wildlife campaign

A citizen science initiative aimed at monitoring the shore fauna in the Strait of Gibraltar following the incident involving the bulk carrier OS35, which resulted in the spillage of fuel oil and diesel into the sea...

Land project

The aim of the project is to collect data on the behaviour, presence and migratory movements of cetaceans throughout the year from land-based survey platforms using non-invasive and cost-effective techniques.