Edunatura, an environmental education project

Edunatura is an environmental education project that is responsible for the design and development of different activities inside and outside educational centres. It is currently part of the educational offer of several centres in Campo de Gibraltar, in which activities are carried out in addition to the learning and contents of formal education.

At Edunatura, we start from the complexity of working on environmental education, as we do not understand it as the mere fact of giving a speech about concepts, contents or data on nature or the environment.

Love for nature is not something you learn, it is something you live, and that is why our workshops and activities at Edunatura are aimed at helping our children to continue cultivating and conserving their affection and fascination for the natural environment.

How does the project develop?

The Edunatura project was created with the aim of fostering skills and attitudes that lead to an understanding and appreciation of the relationship between human beings and the environment.

The objective is to connect with nature through physical and outdoor activities, to raise awareness of the problem of pollution of our seas and natural environments, as well as to foster interpersonal relationships by promoting empathy, companionship, respect and care for the environment.

Activities we carry out

  • Natural Science activities based on discovery, experimentation and direct contact with Nature, animals and classmates.
  • Gynkana of eco-domestic tasks. Coeducation and ecology hand in hand.
  • Pet care workshops.
  • Sports activities in natural environments.
  • Beach cleanups.
  • The role of women in science.
  • Reading, theatre and board games workshops.
  • Multisensory and experimental workshops.
  • Workshops on plastic pollution in our seas.
  • Family days.

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